Client reviews

Balu, 5 years

Family Klapper respectively Balu personally wrote on January 6th, 2020…

Woohooo, the doctor was very pleased. He said that while he may have to conduct a small operation on my shoulder in the future, my gait analysis is super.

I have built up muscles due to the gold acupuncture and I am pain free. In addition, the Cauda Equina compression syndrome has receded. It is not possible to repair the disc, but I am pain free and that was the main goal.

I am happy just like a lab should be.

Thank you and paw high-five, that you thought of me.

Your Bear

Ms. Schäfer wrote on December 19th, 2019...

Dr. Rosin ist absolutely recommendable! He treated my dog spendidly and completely calmed me down with his quiet manner before the procedure (gold acupuncture).

The progress we have made since the treatment two months ago is remarkable and I am very thankful!

Thank you very much from Augsburg from me and Hans-Peter 😊

Marley, 9 months

Ms. Korteweg wrote on December 10th, 2019

Super, highly recommendable!!! My younger dog Marley has a severe form of HD and was very restricted and suffered from pain. Today she received her gold acupuncture.

The entire practice team was so incredibly sweet, competent and caring, I have never experienced such a calm and relaxed atmosphere in any practice. Dr. Rosin seemed like a magician, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I am absolutely convinced by this treatment method, and am looking forward to a pain free and unburdened time with Marley.

I thank all the wonderful ladies and Dr. Rosin with all my heart.

Tyson, 2 years

Ms. Pfeifer wrote on September 24th, 2019...

After a not properly conducted osteotomy of the pelvis and mayny failed trips to different doctors, we turned to Dr. Rosin for help.

In all honesty, I was very sceptical towards the gold acupuncture… Tyson has HD, and the front leg was operated on as he suffers from ellbow dysplasia. Unfortunately, a severe form of arthrosis developed within a short period of time. Therefore we entrusted our dog to Dr. Rosin.

The gold was implanted and his ellbows were treated with platelet rich plasma. I was told that it would take a while for the effect to become apparent… I am not very patient and unfortunately I had lost my trust in veterinarians… Tyson is now fitter than many healthy dogs.

He frolics, jumps around and is even a bit rebellious, because he is doing very, very well thanks to the gold. Looking back and based on my experience today, I would always prefer the GI. We felt as though we were in very good hands in Dr. Wilms‘ practice because of Dr. Rosin’s care and can recommend this practice with a good conscience.

A huge thank you to the team, keep it up.

Cirius, 10 years

Family Rohrer wrote on August 29th, 2019...

A huge thank you from Basel… the „Rosinchen“ gave our 10 year old pug a pain free life and we are so thankful. Cirius goes to obedience school with friends and he even does light agility with vigor (no high jumps).

Marlies and Markus Rohrer

Rocky, 2 years

Ms. Siebeneick wrote on August 7th, 2019...

A great doctor, that puts his heart into his work.

A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Rosin, you were able to free him of almost all his grievances, thanks to your treatment with gold.

Frieda, 11 years

Ms. Stelzer wrote on May 17th, 2019...

My Frieda was 1 ½ years old when she came to your practice for a gait analysis. She could barely walk and was considered incurable by our local veterinarian. She will be having her 11th birthday in October and still jumps over our fence… she is still doing super!

Thanks to the practice Rosin!

Tuvok and Nelix, 1 und 2 years

Mr. Rex-Hintze wrote on May 16th, 2019...

Always very friendly and competent.

Dr. Reipert takes enough time for the „patient“ and the entire team works calmly and without stress, which is great for the pet as well as the owner. Obviously everyone also has a lot of fun.

We only go to this veterinary practice anymore.