About us...

Since 1993, our practice in Falkensee has been helping your large and small pets, and in 2009 we opened an additional location in Berlin-Charlottenburg for your furry friends. By scheduling appointments, we are able to take a lot of time examining the patients and consulting our clients, and can avoid long waiting periods.

The most modern medical equipment allows us to conduct efficient diagnostics and implement contemporary therapies.

Practice team

Practice management Berlin and Falkensee

Peter Rosin
Veterinarian | Managing director
Jenny Aktas
Practice manager | Accounting

(Currently on maternity leave)

Dr, Fanny Charlier
Veterinarian | Assistent to the Managing Director

Veterinary practice Falkensee

Nicole Grenzendörfer
Head veterinarian
Susanne Wernitz
Julia Lazarz
Veterinary assistant
Mariella Klinsky
Veterinary assistant
Caroline Pfuhl
Veterinary assistant, Animal physiotherapist
Amelie Kayser
Veterinary assistant trainee

Veterinary practice Berlin

Janina Aßmann
Lisa Krotzin
Ilka Boguslawski
Veterinary assistant | Animal psychologist
Luise Schultz
Veterinary assistant | Animal physiotherapist | Animal chiropractitioner
Victoria Ries
Veterinary assistant

(Currently on maternity leave)

Pia Mertsch
Veterinary assistant
Chantal Zogaj
Veterinary assistant
Marlene Schanner
Veterinary assistant trainee
Anna Charlotte Bernhardt
Veterinary assistant
Alina Jonentz
Veterinary assistant trainee

Veterinary practice Cologne

Kai Wilms
Veterinarian | Directing Manager

Frank "Fränkyboy" Zollmann

04.12.1965 - 16.08.2020

A good soul never dies.
We mourn a fine person.